Let Me Introduce You To…You!

Be Seen: About Pages That Work

Most people find writing their own About Page a truly uncomfortable task…

“I don’t want to sound like I’m boasting…Nothing I’ve done sounds that exciting or ground-breaking…Should I include that?…Isn’t that too personal to share?”

So they draft something they’re vaguely happy with, stick it up on their website and typically think nothing more of it. Except…

Did you know that About Pages are often the SECOND most visited page on a website?
(Especially if you’re selling a service).

If you’re making do with text you wrote just to get something up there, that’s a HUGE missed opportunity to sell who you are and what you do, right? Done right, a well-crafted About Page can:

  • Help people figure out if they’re one of your ‘right’ people (and repel the ‘wrong’ people) saving you time and money constantly weeding out the right from the wrong on Discovery Calls or endless back and forth emails.
  • Give strangers ‘hooks’ to connect to, which gives you an opportunity to initiate the beginnings of a beautiful, long term and potentially profitable relationship.
  • Bring your personality to life online, and help you stand out from other options they may be considering, blowing your competition out of the window because they’re just. Not. You!

An About Page is essentially a sales page for YOU!

(Which is probably why most folk hate writing one!) 


What People Say

Lea’s level of professionalism, creativity and high quality service was incredible to experience. I felt like she truly cared about understanding my business and she did a wonderful job helping me to articulate my own story and what it was I could offer my customers. Answering the initial insightful questions  and made me realize I had left out the very best parts in my original About Page.

The result of working with Lea is a brand new About Page with heart and soul that brings my readers in effortlessly. Thank you so much, Lea. It was an absolute pleasure to work with you and now I know my readers have the whole story.

M. Richardson

Online Entrepreneur

I found writing the about page on my website really challenging. I’ve written many web pages for different businesses, but writing my own about page has to be the most challenging writing task in existence!

The process that Lea took me through to write my about page really helped to clarify various aspects of my business, as well as giving me plenty of food for thought about what it is that I bring to the business and what my offering is.

The end result was a concise representation of the site has a whole – in a nutshell – everything you would expect from an about page.

T. Gibbons

Wellness Practitioner

Lea understands that About Pages need to come from your heart and soul. Her razor-sharp questions cut through my waffle and helped me tell her what I wanted to be known for online. From those answers she crafted a wonderful about page that captured my voice and superpower.

Thanks to Lea, my readers now have a clearer vision about me and how I can transform their ecourses. Thanks to Lea, I now feel the real me is present online.

A. Hunter

Business Owner

Lea is an insightful, clear writer who instinctively knows how to connect the dots in your life and career, to create a compelling reading ‘About’ page, for her clients.

She makes an otherwise undervalued page the cornerstone of your site – gelling all the pieces together – effortlessly validating the existence of your whole website. When you work with Lea you will find a professional whose only desire is to show off the uniqueness that is you.

C. Horan


I’m a professional writer, but after rewriting my about page myself 3 or 4 times, I felt I was too close to the material. I needed a fresh approach and Lea certainly delivered. She took the information I submitted and dug around my site for more. 

The final version melded it all together seamlessly, creating a compelling narrative of my professional life (with a couple of personal touches) that’s sure to appeal to my clients. Great job, Lea!

S. Hurley Hall

Freelance Writer

Lea is a gem! She has a remarkable ability to extract from my head vague notions about what I wanted to say (but couldn’t write myself) and captured it perfectly.

The questions also helped to remind me of the core focus of my business which, I think, can sometimes get overlooked in the business of everyday life.

J. Brown

Fitness Professional

I really love it, it’s perfect! It’s really great how you made it fit in with the rest of my site style-wise. I feel like this was really excellent value considering the time and research you’ve put into it, so I’ll definitely be recommending your service to others.

K. Engel


How This Works

The About Page Process

If you’re ready to show up, be seen and stand out with a killer About Page, here’s how the process works…

1. Showing Up

This stage is about reviewing how you show up, online.

You’ll complete an online questionnaire which will enable me to research and review how you’re currently showing up, and how well that’s working for you right now.

2. Being Seen

This stage is about deciding how you want to be seen online.

We will talk privately for an hour to discuss what you want to achieve, and to identify what’s working for you and what’s not when it comes to your online presence.

3. Standing Out

This is where the magic happens! You can get on with doing what you do best while I craft your About Page to help you stand out online.

You’ll receive a draft for approval, before a final version is ready for you to use on your website. 

How To Get Started

Order Your New About Page

To kickstart the process of receiving your brand new About Page, click the button below. Here’s what will happen as soon as you do…

I’ll be in touch personally via email within 24 hours. In this email, you’ll receive: 

  • The link to the online questionnaire, which you have 3 working days to complete (there’s a reason for this which I’ll share with you when I first get in touch!).
  • The link to schedule our private consultation in my calendar.
  • An estimated timeframe of when your About Page will be complete (this will obviously be subject to your timely feedback and responses but will typically be within 2 weeks of ordering).

We will raise a virtual glass to kickstarting your About Page process 🥂

The investment in your About Page is £395; this also includes the following:

1. A shorter About paragraph you can use for bios, your LinkedIn profile, author signatures and more.

2. A one-line bio you can use for social media profiles such as Instagram and Twitter.