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The Focus Group

If you have a sneaky feeling that what you’re doing (and what you’ve been doing) isn’t actually taking you in the direction you want to go, but you have no idea what to do about it, this is for you. 

The Focus Group is designed to help you get out of your own way, take the next step forwards (and figure out what that is in the first place!), and work through any and all stumbling blocks that get in your way.

More often than not these blocks are caused by…YOU. By you not making a decision and taking decisive action; by you letting overwhelm and fear stop you from doing anything; by you not feeling like you know enough to move forwards; and by you not being able to communicate what you need and want from others, who can either help you or are hindering you. The Focus Group will help you focus on what matters, and what doesn’t…

People Like You Do Things Like This

Who This Is For

The Focus Group works best for people who, personally and/or professionally…
  • Feel scattered in your approach to getting things done.
  • Get distracted easily and find yourself on frustrating detours.
  • Find it difficult to say no…to people and things.
  • Can’t always make up your mind about what to do.
  • Find it hard to set and hold boundaries with people.
  • Struggle to ask for you what you need and want directly.
  • Get very flustered around technology.
  • Are open to inviting in change, and know it’s what you need…

About The Focus Group

How This Works

The Focus Group is essentially an online group where we focus on THREE key areas that stop many people from moving forwards…

It is flexible, accessible and affordable – join only the track(s) you want to focus on, no minimum period, use the group as much or as little as you need. There are very few rules which makes it ideal for rule breakers and if you, like me, choose freedom as much as possible. There are however strong and effective boundaries and if you struggle with these, which I know many people do, we’ll be working on these too 😉 

The support provided in The Focus Group is centred around THREE key areas; these areas are my superpowers. How do I know this? Because they don’t feel special to me…which is usually how it feels for the things that come naturally to us but not to others – do you know what yours are, by the way? These key areas are…

Strategic Thinking

Being able to think more strategically and act in a more focused and intentional way when it comes to doing the great things you want to do in your life.

Technological Smarts

Being able to choose the right technology and use it to its full potential, in a way that works FOR you and not against you, as you do the things you want to do.

Effective Communication

Being able to communicate directly, set and hold better boundaries and cope when others use less-than-helpful ways of communicating.

Ready to Focus?

Get Started

Each area has a separate CHANNEL in the group; join as many channels as you need. Before you join, please ensure you’ve read and agree to the full terms at the bottom of this page.

    Questions & Answers


    What kind of things can I ask in the Strategy Channel?

    The Strategy channel is for questions that will help you figure out WHAT it is you’re aiming for, and what you might need to do to get there.

    This is often about figuring out what you want (and don’t want), the steps you might need to get there and what choices you need to make. Example questions include:

    • If I want to [start a new business/become location independent/live a more minimalist lifestyle/enter your goal], how do I get started?
    • If I do X, will it help me do Y?
    • I did X and it didn’t work, should I try Y?
    • My friend said I should try X, will it work for me?

    It’s important you understand that I will NEVER tell you what to do! I will share my experiences, my thoughts, suggestions and opinions – based upon my perspective, experiences and knowledge – but the final decision and responsibility lie with you.

    Is unlimited really unlimited?

    Yes! There are no limits to the number of on-topic questions you can ask in whichever channels you’re a member of; I do however retain the right NOT to answer a question if I think it’s inappropriate, is beyond the remit of the service and/or is off topic. 

    Also, I offer this service under a fair usage policy; I know that there will be times of higher need than others, and I reserve the right to terminate your membership should I feel your use and intentions are not in alignment with this policy.

    What are the Focus Group challenges all about?

    Periodically, when I feel it would be valuable to focus on something specific – getting something done, abundance and money mindset, tidying up my website, sorting a specific tech challenge out, a spot of digital decluttering etc. – I’ll run a short, focused challenge for us all to participate in, and move things forward. You are free to join in – or not – as you choose!

    Is this a community or is it more private?

    When you join a channel, you will be joining a private (not public) GROUP forum. This means that anything you share in a channel is visible to other members of that channel. As a member of any of the channels, you agree to respect other members’ privacy and confidential information at all times.

    You may find that you get the most out of a forum like this when you interact with fellow members with the intention of building a community-like vibe; however if you’d prefer not to do this, that’s ok too! 

    What kind of things can I ask in the Technology Channel?

    The Technology channel is for questions that will help you master the online tools you use.

    This is often about figuring out which tool/service will work best for you, how to make something you use work (better for you), and how technology can work FOR you and not against you. Example questions include:

    • What should I use to send marketing emails?
    • I use a spreadsheet for X, is there anything better?
    • Why won’t X sync with Y?
    • I want to add a blog to my website, how do I do it? 
    • Is there a better way to set up [insert tool/service]?
    • What should I use to start doing more videos online? 

    What kind of things can I ask in the Communications Channel?

    The Communications channel is for questions that will help you become a more effective communicator.

    This is often about setting and holding boundaries, saying no, being more direct (and less passive aggressive), and identifying the different types of communication and how to use them.  Example questions include:

    • How do I get my parents to actually listen to me? 
    • I need to ask someone a difficult question, what should I say?
    • My client hasn’t paid me yet and they’re late. I’m reluctant to ask them for it. Should I give them a nudge?
    • Is this direct enough?
    • I don’t want to go to that event; how do I say no nicely?

    Please remember that I can (and will) make suggestions about how you can phrase things differently, but the final decision and responsibility for how you communicate with someone lie with you. 

    How do the monthly Focused Calls work?

    Every month, I’ll invite you to a group Zoom call; when you dial in (we’ll use video!), we can talk about our respective wins, things we’re struggling with and I’ll answer any questions you might have that are blocking your progress. 

    How Quickly Will you Answer questions?

    I am online almost every day; I don’t guarantee that you’ll always get an answer to a question you ask on the same day but my goal is to answer any question asked within 24 hours of it being asked.

    Officially, I work Monday to Friday, during UK working hours; I often work at weekends though, since I build my work around home educating my children and being able to do the things I want to do, when I want to do them! 


    What It’s Like Working With Me

    I’ve followed Lea for more than 10 years and have worked with her several times in a few different ways. She is always insightful, understanding and full of ideas and inspiration, while at the same time striking just the right balance between pushing me out of my comfort zone and supporting me to take the next step.

    My business has progressed immeasurably over the last 10 years, and crucially, it is now a great fit for the real me. I wouldn’t be where I am and have the lifestyle I have (and love) without Lea‘s help and encouragement.

    There is still a lot I want to do and I hope Lea will continue to be part of my journey for many years to come.

    Ali Marsland

    Director, The Effective English Company – talking about working directly with me.

    Lea offers a powerful combination of personal and professional guidance.

    Her intuitive nature means she gets to the bottom of mental blocks and limiting beliefs.

    I’ve experienced immediate results and I always leave our sessions enlightened and energised.

    Keith McGuinness

    Investment Writer

    Lea’s secret strategic planning weapon is brilliant in its simplicity but really forces you to get clear on your strategy and future planning for your business.

    If you’re struggling to generate a sustainable income from your work, this is a “must have” to hone your focus and turn things around.

    Marion Harrington


    I can say without a doubt, that the monthly cost doesn’t come close to the actual value I’d put on what I’ve learned.

    I started unsure of what I wanted and with the general feeling that I’m just not a business person. By the end of my first month, I felt far more sure of myself than I’ve ever been.

    Skip two months later: I have prioritized and have a clear plan of what I want for my business. Oh, and I designed, launched and marketed a new product that already has customers. That was the first three months.

    What I love about Lea’s approach is that she takes personal and work into equal account. We not only talk business but all parts of our lives and how they fit together. It’s about creating a life with all the elements that are most important, and becoming a successful entrepreneur is one part of that.

    Leigh Shulman

    Writing Coach, The Future Is Red

    Lea has the ability to wade through all my objections, hidden fears and gaps in knowledge to get to the heart of where I truly want to go and crystallise a plan immediately.

    She knows when to prod, when to be firm and when to just be still. Sessions with her are considered, nuanced, strategic, fun, intuitive and future focused. There is no time to sit it the ‘I don’t know how/I can’t/But I’m not sure I have…’ state.

    One of my biggest hurdles is maintaining my location independence goals. Whilst I love my work, I felt like recently I’d compromised myself and my desires somehow and couldn’t see what to do next.

    Our last session completely rectified this. I left with structured key directional goals, methodical steps to achieve them, a peace of mind and lightness in my mindset and a warmth in my heart that comes from having a good conversation with a friend.

    Samantha Clarke

    Founder & Happiness Consultant, Samantha &

    You know you’ve been given some good advice when you get off the call and immediately start plotting the changes you want to make in your business.

    It was such a joy to be able to talk through the systems and plans I’ve been working on and get more clarity around what I need and what I can let go of.

    Lea really knows her stuff and if you’re a solopreneur like I am, no doubt you often wish you had someone to brainstorm with — Lea is that person. Recommended!

    Susannah Conway

    Author, photographer and teacher, Susannah Conway

    Using Lea’s approach to strategic planning has made one of the biggest goals for my business suddenly feel achievable. And I don’t need to feel afraid of not being able to do it.

    I found Lea’s way of asking questions and conversing very useful for stretching my boundaries and overcoming a fear of presenting my ideas to others.

    The value of Lea’s experience really shone through for me, and receiving personalised business advice at an affordable cost has been invaluable.

    Anne-Marie Springer

    Founder, House To Hold

    Ready to Focus?

    Get Started

    Each area has a separate CHANNEL in the group; join as many channels as you need. Before you join, please ensure you’ve read and agree to the full terms at the bottom of this page.

      Please Read Before Joining

      Membership Terms

      By joining The Focus Group, you agree to:

      1. Take full responsibility for your own progress and success as a Focus Group member.
      2. You will display a supportive and empowering attitude with fellow members.
      3. Upon joining the online platform (Slack), you must accept and adhere to Slack’s User Terms of service.
      4. Your subscription provides you with access to the online forums only.
      5. You must take full and sole responsibility for protecting your own safety and security in the online forums.
      6. You must respect other members activities at all times, and protect their privacy and any confidential information shared with you by any member.
      7. You can terminate your membership at any point by cancelling your subscription directly in Paypal. Once terminated, you will be removed from the channel(s) immediately.
      8. I reserve the right to terminate anyone’s membership at my discretion.
      9. Even after your membership is terminated you must respect other members’ activities within The Focus Group, and protect their privacy and any confidential information shared with you by any member.
      10. As per Slack’s Acceptable Use Policy, you agree to keep your user data (login and password) confidential and will not allow any other person to use them to access your profile/account in our online forum.
      11. This is not a platform to market your own products and services directly or indirectly to other members, except when expressly permitted to do so and in the specifically designated channels for promoting what you do. Any breach of this will result in your membership being terminated.
      12. You may not use any of my Intellectual Property (eg. logos, trademarks, names, slogans, copyrighted materials, etc.) to manufacture, distribute, sell, market, or promote any product or service, or otherwise use my Intellectual Property without obtaining my prior written consent.
      13. There is an ongoing subscription fee. Fees are paid monthly. Subscriptions are payable via Paypal.
      14. Fees paid are non-refundable.
      15. When you register for Focus Group membership, you may change your mind for any or no reason and receive a full refund of all monies paid within 14 days starting from the day you sign up for membership (the “Cooling-off Period”). Refunds will not, however, be provided if you have accessed our online platforms on Slack at any time during the Cooling-off Period.
      16. Neither membership nor fees can be transferred from one person to another.
      17. You may cancel your subscription at any time by cancelling your Paypal subscription within your Paypal account.