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Learn one of THE most useful techniques I’ve used and adapted to deal with tricky situations, difficult people and when folk around you appear to be behaving irrationally…

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Words Matter

A resource to help you communicate more effectively, especially with the difficult people in your life. Including specific scripts and what to say.

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My Personal Journey

Showing up, Being Seen & Standing Out #2

Showing up I received my first official piece of snail mail with my new name on this week; and my first bank card. While I've unofficially been using this name for a while now, starting to officially change all my identification and documentation feels like an important step in showing up more as 'me' than ever before.  As a blended family, we are going through a tough time right now. We’re working through some really hard issues for one of the children who is having daily tantrums, violent...

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Showing up, Being Seen & Standing Out #1

Showing Up For the past 3 years, I’ve not shown up as much as I 'should' have in a professional capacity. I've not been active in any communities, I've not had the bandwidth to stay in touch with many people, and I've shared barely anything on social media. I've been inconsistent, sporadic and flaky. That's NOT the me I'd come to know! My personal life has been firmly in the driving seat - coming out, starting my first lesbian relationship, exploring my adoption and trying to make contact with...

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