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Do you ever find yourself repeating the same argument or frustrating pattern with someone, again and again, and wonder what the heck is going on and how you can, once and for all, get out of it? Sportscasting is one of the most useful techniques to address and manage difficult and challenging dynamics and behaviour - for both adults and children! - that you've probably never heard of... What Is Sportscasting? My version of sportscasting is adapted and developed from Janet Lansbury's technique...

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The World Has Changed So Why Are You Still Relying On The Same Old Strategies To Try And Succeed?

We live in a very different world today to the one our parents grew up in... The systems that once seemed empowering are now looking like outdated relics, no longer relevant to the world we're living in... – The education system which once guaranteed a secure, well-paid job at the end of it, now appears to yield nothing more than years upon years of debt and no guarantee of a job to help pay that debt back. [Tip: Check out Lambda School for disruption at its finest; this is a true...

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Words Matter

The art of effective communication is to understand that very often the words you hear aren't what's really being said or meant! It's the kind of person who appears perfectly nice, friendly and even seems to go out of their way to help you, but then stabs you in the back at the first opportunity, WTH? It's the same old argument, on repeat, with your other half that never changes and always ends up unresolved. It's that old familiar feeling of being treated like a small child yet again when...

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