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…where tech ease, joy and getting things done reign 🙂

Getting Started

Thank you for signing up to a WebCare plan. The following information will help to smooth your onboarding so we can get started supporting your website…

1. We will be in touch directly, by email, to request details of your website. We will need the domain of your website, and log in details for an admin-level account to your WordPress dashboard.

2. If you have any email questions related to your WordPress website, drop us a line at hello@leajovy.com. We’ll aim to respond within 48 hours, usually faster!

3. If you’re on the CHOICE plan and have any tech tasks for us, simply drop us a line at hello@leajovy.com with details of what you need, when you need it done by and we’ll get on it. 


Sharing passwords: We highly recommend you use a secure system like LastPass to share passwords with us; when you send us your passwords, we store them in LastPass to ensure access to them across our team is secure. Only Lea has access to your full login details, and your passwords are shared securely (without being revealed) to other team members. 

Tracking Your Time: Every time we respond to let you know a task has been completed, you’ll find an updated note in the signature of each message sharing the time you have left on this month’s plan and your next plan renewal date.

Recommend Us: If you feel we have added value to your business, please do feel free to invite any WordPress website-owning colleagues to sign up to a WebCare plan. You will receive an additional 15 minutes of tech support time for each client you refer who signs up to a WebCare plan and stays for 3 months.

…and finally, if you’ve any questions about getting started or we can do anything else to help ease your onboarding, please do drop us a line!

We look forward to taking care of your website and supporting the growth of your business 🙂